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Coventry Blitz - Sheila Burn (1940 - 1940)
We were actually in, at home, in Coventry, on the night of the Blitz and I can us remember getting up as usual, well I don't know whether I'd gone to bed properly but we were under the stairs and it just got worse and worse and worse and as the raids usually finished, this one didn't, it just went ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Ernie Rafferty (1940 - 1940)
On November 14th we stood in the farmyard and watched Coventry burn and set fire. We could hear the drone of German aircraft over the top and it was a terrible thing looking at a blaze of Coventry. It was like standing in heaven looking at hell and wondering what was going to happen to your ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Eddie Bell (1940 - 1940)
When we come out, gods streuth, there we went in everything was all peace and quiet, two hours later all hell had broke loose, the world had come to an end. There was the skies with flames 30-40 feet up in the air, shrapnel coming raining down on all the tops of the roofs, you could hear it ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Doreen Jacobs (1940 - 1940)
We heard the bomb, the bomb that was actually going to hit. I can remember my father saying this one's for us, but it goes quiet, very silent, but it hit the house next door, so they're terrace houses, the house next door there was nothing at all left and our house was just a shell but we were ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Terence Kane (1940 - 1940)
It was a brilliant moonlight night and virtually cloudless so you could see aircraft quite easily. I actually remember seeing one actually crossing the face of the moon at the time as it was releasing its bombs and you could see them trickling down I think they landed somewhere in the Cheylesmore ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Sheila Burn (1940 - 1940)
The following morning after the Blitz my mother and my aunt, we went into town presumably on one of the frequent forages to see what food was available. And I can remember to this day the sense of desolation and people wandering about. And because we came from Stoke Green we walked, we'd got off ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Stan Smith (1940 - 1940)
Although it was a military target, no argument about that, because we were making any number of wartime goods but it was also a concentrated terror raid into the centre of the city. They targeted the centre of the city and it was completely obliterated, hardly any buildings stood in the centre of ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Escape to Kenilworth (1940 - 1941)
My father told me the story when in 1940, when the Second World War broke out, there was the Coventry Blitz. Where they were living in Hillfields some of the houses were destroyed, by bombs you know. They were forced to leave the Coventry city through to Kenilworth. Two of them were able to find a ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Family effort (1939 - 1945)
Certainly in the Second World War all the brothers were actually involved in the war effort. My dad wasn’t in the forces because he had a reserved occupation, he was an aircraft woodworker and he worked through the war. My uncle Bob was in the RAF and I think he made a sergeant. My uncle Ray ... 'for the full story click on the title'

American troops & dancing (1940 - 1949)
We had an American army base come, but when they came to the dances that was when jiving and jitterbugging all came in and we were just speechless, we couldn’t believe that they were throwing girls up in the air, through their legs and all we’d ever done was ballroom dancing. 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz, Nov 1940 (1940 - 1940)
I remember I was in my second year at the School of Architecture when the bombing raids on Coventry began to intensify. We had no Anderson shelter but had a standing invitation to share the Mobbs's next door. These corrugated-steel barrel-roofed shelters were issued free to families with an income ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Going out (1940 - 1949)
When we’d been on this bunny run where we used to start at the top of down Hertford Street, along Warwick Row, Gosford Green, up the road to Spencer Avenue you’d usually reckon to have some whistles. Invariably you used to meet on the bank steps - the National Provincial Bank – ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Attacks on RAF (1940 - 1940)
My father, Norman Orr (1918 - 2006), was in training for the RAF at a station near Coventry at the time of the bombing. He became a bomber navigator in the Desert War and remained in the RAF as a career after the War. He was always very angry when the media talked about the spirit of the people of ... 'for the full story click on the title'

MY FIRST JOB (1972 - 1982)
I left Caludon Castle School in June 1972 aged 17. I was fortunate enough three months later to obtain a commercial apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce Limited, based at the Parkside factory. I lived in Courthouse Green at the time and I remember my first day vividly. I caught the number 21 bus into ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Childhood Memories of Coventry - Vince Hill
Childhood Memories of Coventry - Vince Hill (1940 - 1949)
I had only been six years old when on 14th November 1940 Coventry sustained one of the worst bombing nights of the entire Second World War. Fortunately I, alongside many other young people had been evacuated, but I do have memories of the dreadful scars left on our beloved city and grew up ... 'for the full story click on the title'