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My First Panto (1959 - 1959)
I was about 6 yrs old when I went to my first Pantomime and saw Cinderella at the Coventry Theatre.I went with my older cousin Cecelia and remember sitting high up in the theatre and putting 6d into the binocular holder and looking through the binoculars at the characters on the stage.It was truly ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Christmas in 1950s (1900 - 1909)
I was always in the local Nativity plays at Radford Congregational Church, usually the Narrator, so that became the build up for Christmas. Mum used to make her own mincemeat, and we had a metal mincer, which I was allowed to turn the handle to, as she fed in the mixture and then turned it into ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Children's Choir (1960 - 1969)
When I was at Infants School I participated in a children's choir made up from Coventrywide schoolchildren. The choir rehearsed at the Coventry School of Music, conducted by Peter Isherwood and gave a Carol concert in the Methodist Central Hall. It would have been 1967/8 or 9 ish. I was ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Hippodrome (1950 - 1959)
When I was a small child I always looked forward to going to the pantomime at Christmas time. It was always with my father's works and afterwards we would all be given a present as we left the theatre and before we went on to the Christmas party. As we were all seated up in 'the gods' we were a ... 'for the full story click on the title'