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Riding my Raleigh Chopper Bicycle
Riding my Raleigh Chopper Bicycle (1970 - 1979)
When I was about 9 or 10 I used to ride two up with a mate on a Raleigh Chopper. I would sit at the back and pedal and he would sit in front a steer, with his feet on the cross bar. Looking at a Raleigh Chopper recently I have no idea how we did this. The saddle is really small and as a 50 year old ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Terence Kane (1940 - 1940)
It was a brilliant moonlight night and virtually cloudless so you could see aircraft quite easily. I actually remember seeing one actually crossing the face of the moon at the time as it was releasing its bombs and you could see them trickling down I think they landed somewhere in the Cheylesmore ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Blitz - Sheila Burn (1940 - 1940)
The following morning after the Blitz my mother and my aunt, we went into town presumably on one of the frequent forages to see what food was available. And I can remember to this day the sense of desolation and people wandering about. And because we came from Stoke Green we walked, we'd got off ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Housing (1940 - 1952)
Coventry and it's citizens remember and celebrate the sacrifice of those who fell during the air raids on the city 70 years ago. Many were ordinary folk, who went about their daily chores as best they could in the trying circumstances of the time. Others were performing a valuable task as part of ... 'for the full story click on the title'

A Night Out - Gordon Bates (1950 - 1959)
The thing to do on Saturday night was going to the local dance halls. We used to knock around with a crowd of all our same age, would be to go to the GEC ballroom in Stoke and the thing there was to try and get into the social club upstairs, if you weren’t a social club member you ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Escape to Kenilworth (1940 - 1941)
My father told me the story when in 1940, when the Second World War broke out, there was the Coventry Blitz. Where they were living in Hillfields some of the houses were destroyed, by bombs you know. They were forced to leave the Coventry city through to Kenilworth. Two of them were able to find a ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Football in the Street (1920 - 1929)
We often asked at Armishaw’s for a pigs bladder to use for a football probably inflated it by mouth and tied the neck with a bit of string and used it for a football it wasn’t of any weight but it was something for kids to kick about – and another thing - we weren’t allowed ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Train spotting at Canley (1950 - 1955)
My family was lucky enough to be allocated one of the new'steel houses' in Canley which were built just after the second World War as part of the rebuilding of Coventry.Coming from rented rooms in Earlsdon my Mum and Dad were glad of the space these new houses gave, and to me as an 7/8 year old it ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Street Games (1940 - 1949)
Hopscotch, tic-tac, kick the tin, rat tat ginger, all the street games, marbles, bottle tops – you know the ordinary cardboard bottle tops they were quite precious you’d collect them and throw them and see who could throw them the longest distance and the one that did collected the rest ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Growing up in Coventry (1950 - 1959)
We lived with my Dad's parents in Bell Green after I was born but I think my Mum and Dad wanted their own place. There were no flats or that many homes available in Coventry at that time because of the extensive bombing so the council provided temporary housing out at Bagington Fields Hostel. We ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Memories Of Coventry Generally (1915 - 1943)
Born in Coventry 20th July 1915 I have happy memories of what a diverse and cosmopolitan place it was BEFORE the War. During the Recession period of the 1930`s I remember my father taking me to the outdoor Coventry Market around 9p.m. on a Saturday evening to procure special bargains. I remember ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Local Grocers (1950 - 1959)
Before todays supermarket giants tried to take over the world there were,dotted around Coventry, and for that matter any city, a range of grocery chain stores such as Maypole,Liptons, Home and Colonial, and Pearks. This is where the majority of the locals did their weekly grocery shopping, and had ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Saturday shopping (1968 - 1973)
As my family lived in Bulkington we would catch the 765 Midland Red bus to Pool Meadow,which would go across Sowe Common,it's hard to believe now but it was true,and way before the M6 was built.On our arrival we probably go to Owen Owen first,I can still smell the perfume department as you went in ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry Areas & Memories (1950 - 1970)
With all of these fields to play in, I can remember going out fairly early in the day and not coming back until tea time, posh people call it Dinner but that is another debate. At the bottom of the common near to Leaf Lane or Howes Lane as it used to be, was a large crater, from one of the trees ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Further Memories of a Telegram Boy (1940 - 1940)
A long German Aircraft attacked the Standard factory in Canley, it was in broad daylight, I was delivering telegrams in the Earlsdon area. I has just reached the edge of Hearsall Common. I got off my bike next to a policeman when I heard a commotion on the other side of the Common towards Canley. ... 'for the full story click on the title'