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Factory sport (1950 - 1959)
Many of the Coventry factories then had a lot of sports activities for their employees, in bowls, in football, in rugger and there was a lot of friendly rivalry between all of these various sports in the factories because there were the league table and the first divisions and second divisions and ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Making his debut in 1979 - Danny Thomas (1979 - 1979)
The thing I remember most was waking up the next day and coming in to the training ground and I could barely move my legs - so much lactic acid in them, and I think I only played for about 70 minutes but I was absolutely exhausted and I didn’t realise how much it took out of you to play in a ... 'for the full story click on the title'

John Sillett’s team talk before the FA Cup Final - Steve Ogrizovic (1987 - 1987)
The thing I’ll always remember was the team talk, and John Sillett’s talking to everybody and he’s chivvying us up and making sure that we know this, that and the other and the thing that he says, listen boys, he says, whatever happens make sure you keep it tight for the first ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Negotiating a new contract - Lol Harvey (1950 - 1959)
My first contract at 17 was £7 in the winter and £6.50 in the summer and every year the retained list went up and you had to go and look on the board to see if you were retained - you was either retained or on the open to transfer list or a free transfer.If you was retained you used to ... 'for the full story click on the title'

First goal - 11 December 1982 - Brian Roberts (1982 - 1982)
I scored two goals, both in the same season under Dave Sexton. Dave Sexton was a wonderful manager, certainly brought out the best in me. So normally when I go on an overlap I get booked for timewasting, but Dave encouraged it. So West Ham away we were playing I don’t remember too much about ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Visting Coventry City as an away player (1960 - 1969)
When I came from Ipswich to play at Coventry, it was fantastic, they had Radio Sky Blue, Rose McNulty she was Miss Sky Blue you know on the radios and all that, to me it was exciting we really looked forward to it. Some of them didn’t because some of our players they had what they called the ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Coventry 4 Liverpool 0 - 10/12/83 (1983 - 1983)
This must go down as a classic game for Coventry City. I remember going along with a School friend whose dad worked at the Jag and managed to blag some tickets. It was a freezing cold day and the ground was packed. Liverpool were League Champions and would go on to win the European Cup that ... 'for the full story click on the title'

An Encounter with Tommy Smith (1967 - 1967)
Tommy Smith would get you in the first 5 minutes you know, soften you up, people don’t see he’d come in from behind and the tackle from behind wasn’t banned then I remember we drew 1-1 with Liverpool here I scored a cracker, St John got sent off and then we had the return game at ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Preparations for playing Sunderland in the FA Cup (1963 - 1963)
On that particular night we got there at quarter to 4 and at first we thought that the club had caught fire because there were 3 fire engines at the club and basically what Jimmy had done, he decided that with the conditions the way they were that we’d have the pitch watered, so basically it ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Highfield Road truly witnessed an historical event on Wednesday 6 October 1965. The Sky Blues away match at Cardiff City was televised and the pictures were relayed back to Coventry. Viewsport Limited provided the technology to make this happen and the experiment certainly captured the imagination ... 'for the full story click on the title'

TAMING THE WOLVES (1960 - 1971)
For me the outstanding memory of Highfield Road was the crunch match against Wolverhampton Wanderers on 29 April 1967. Both clubs were competing for the Second Division Championship title. It was dubbed the “Midlands Match of the Century” by the media and the interest it generated ... 'for the full story click on the title'

My first Coventry City game (1960 - 1969)
My first City game was in May 1962 when City played Burnley in a special game to commemorate the opening of Coventry Cathedral. Burnley were a top side and had played in the cup final against Spurs the previous week. Jimmy Hill had taken over as manager the previous November but had not changed the ... 'for the full story click on the title'

In 1967 I started my secondary education at Caludon Castle School in Wyken. I was particularly interested in playing sports, especially football. My junior education took place at Courthouse Green School and I was lucky enough to play soccer there for two years under the guidence of a wonderful ... 'for the full story click on the title'

I was eight years old when I first visited Highfield Road on 22 August 1964. The Sky Blues faced Plymouth Argyle in a Second Division match, their first of the 1964/65 campaign. Armed with my bobble hat, scarf, wooden rattle and stool, I made my way to the Spion Kop end of the ground. I stood ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Swimming at Coventry Baths
Swimming at Coventry Baths (1970 - 1973)
My childhood memories when coming swimming are handing over your clothing in a basket to a formidable leisure attendant, which was taken from you and hung up and looked after for you, then walking through the sheep dip (as we used to call it) before you got into the pool – that has all gone ... 'for the full story click on the title'