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Mr. George's Night Club - Neville Staples
Mr. George's Night Club - Neville Staples (1978 - 1978)
My story is about Mr. George's night club in Coventry when the Sex Pistols played there for the first time in 1978. It was something else for me, i will never forget that experience...Sid Vicious slashing his arm live on stage. The attiutude on stage was amazing..i'd never seen or felt attitude ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Mercia Sound
Mercia Sound (1980 - 1990)
Mercia Sound 2-2-0,playing on your radio.That was the jingle coming out of my little trani radio.Gordon Astley then playing Dan Hartman's instant replay,I was hooked,Dave Jamieson morning till dinner time,good old Stuart Linnell with his afternoon delight.Tony Gilham guiding you home in the early ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Gangsters - 1979
Gangsters - 1979 (1979 - 1979)
Gangsters – my memory Back in 1979 everything in my life seemed brown. My clothes were brown, our furniture was brown and even music seemed so dull that if it were a colour it would be brown! I was on holiday in Great Yarmouth in August of 1979. I really did not want to be there. As a ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Sex Pistols Gig (1970 - 1979)
With reference to Memory 1088 I was at the pistols concert - sheer power. Spent the concert balanced on edge of stage, Rotten singing on top of speaker what a night. Was there at first automatics gig when Terry sang reading the words from bits of paper,lee,tanzi,cashpoint,bus oh for one ... 'for the full story click on the title'

Winning top (GEORGE PUGH MEMORIAL TROPHY) (1963 - 1970)
After meeting my partner 40 years ago we all got Hooked on ballroom dancing & met lively people at Hazel Hathaways! I remember MAURICE & pat ( we had private lessons) She was superb. Hazel was tiny but fiery !! Hope people will join me in Facebook! Just google it .fab times & ... 'for the full story click on the title'