About Coventry Memories

Welcome to Coventry Memories. Developed by Coventry Transport Museum in partnership with the Herbert Art Gallery, the site has been designed to act as a single collection point for memories and images relating to Coventry.

The people of Coventry have a wide range of stories and experiences about their City’s rich and colourful history. We want to capture those memories and build them into a large online resource to act as a historical storyline of Coventry and its people.

We’d love to hear from you so why not get in touch and share your experiences, no matter how big or small, with us.
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Adding Memories

To add a memory then click here and follow the instructions.  We'll need your details so they can be added to the memory that you post, plus if we need to contact you with any posted feedback.  Once you have added your memory the story will be viewed by a website administrator before going live.  This posting should go live very quickly after you have posted.  When you add your post, remember to add relevant tags to the memory.  Adding the relevant tags will allow your story to fit with other postings and be found by using the search facility.

Image Sizes

In order to upload images then please be careful with image sizes. We would recommend that images are no larger than 1MB in size. Upload your images as .jpg file type and keep filenames simple, trying to avoid underscores, hash keys etc.  A good example is mypicture.jpg - Any problems mail us at info@coventrymemories.co.uk

Further Development

We are continually looking at ways to develop the site including handling footage and audio, as well as multiple images so do check back to see how things are progressing.

Coventry Memories Contacts:

Craig Joy
Head of IT Coventry Transport Museum
Project Manager for Coventry Memories 
email: contacts@coventrymemories.co.uk

Thanks to: Chris Boyce, Phil Consadine, Steve Bagley, Joe Elliott, Gary Hall, Lionel Bird, Paul Taylor, Jim Brown, Rob Orland and Pete Chambers

This website is managed and owned by Coventry Transport Museum in partnership with the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. If you have any questions regarding the website then please contact us at info@coventrymemories.co.uk